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I write about writing, so you can find information pertaining to publishing, writing fiction, freelancing, ghostwriting, novel writing, and much more by reading my articles. …

Celebrate the season with a glass or two — or three!

Winter is here, and along with it comes the snow, evenings spent huddled up with an enticing novel, and — of course — your favorite white wine.

There’s little that compares to a good Pinot Grigio: A cherished beverage that provides you with feelings of comfort, ease, and relaxation.



It’s the cultural epicenter of the universe.

New York City — The Big Apple — where dreams are made of, as Alicia Keys belts in her beautiful tribute, has called many a creative to its streets.

I am one of them: The concrete jungle beckons, and I will continue manifesting and working towards this dream until it…

MGK’s ring/torture device…

Love is complicated, even during the best of times and, when I heard that Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox were getting married, I was honestly thrilled, at least at first.

Then I learned that the ring hurts to take off due to its thorns.

Now, I’m quite perplexed by…


If no one ever reads your work, it’s still valid.

Dear Writers,

I was once told that no one would ever read my book, but then I realized that I was writing it with so many other goals in mind.

I still remember the incident.

“I’m writing a book,” I announced boldly to a decidedly matter-of-fact elderly gentleman in a…

Social workers need to study Critical Race Theory for the betterment of their practice, and for the improvement of society as a whole

Over the centuries, racism has plagued this country: So many innocent souls have died, and the greed and corruption of many who came before us have led to a painful amount of bloodshed.

The many facets of racism in America

There are many facets of racism in America.

One only has to look at the police force…

Daniella Cressman

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