I write memoirs, craft advice, self-care tips, and opinion pieces. I love art in all its forms and will also be sharing my thoughts on music, movies, and books.

World Traveler. Full-time freelance writer. Buddhist. Health Enthusiast. Animal lover. Proud American and Canadian.

Photo by Anne Stavely (She’s an amazing photographer who’s based in Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Welcome to my page. Thanks for taking a peek!

I write about writing, so you can find information pertaining to publishing, writing fiction, freelancing, ghostwriting, novel writing, and much more by reading my articles. …

The complexity of a charming serial killer.

Photo by NEOSiAM 2021 on Pexels

Serial killers can be the most charming of creatures. How else do you think they lure their victims in?

I have a bit of a (twisted?) fascination when it comes to male serial killers: How can they do such awful things? How come so many of them are — objectively speaking — incredibly attractive physically?!

Why have some of them raised kids and been (happily?) married to women who…

As long as they can go back to their parents after we hang out together.

Photo by Ramin Talebi on Unsplash

The decision to not have children has not been an easy one for me.

As a woman, many people expect me to have kids, or at least they think I should want them.

To be completely honest, a large part of me thought that I would be a horrible mother–…

I know, because I’ve been one.

Photo by Geran de Klerk

Sometimes, it is hard for me to forgive myself and others for not being perfect, but here’s the thing: Predators have two faces — no one is all bad. They just do bad things sometimes.

Maybe they kill people on a dreary evening because they’re angry at the world before…

I hope you enjoy this cherished time with your friends and family.

Photo by Rinck Content Studio

Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate everything that you are grateful for in your life while being surrounded by your loved ones, laughing, dancing, and debating politics late into the evening while stuffing yourself with green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie.


This is a lovely holiday-appropriate martini that is…

You know how they say thoughts become things?

Photo by Kahfiara Krisna on Unsplash

I have had the most horrific dreams since middle school.

In these dreams, I am completely naked and a man is writing horrible, degrading things all over me.

Then I do the same to him.

Sometimes, I am screaming for him to stop, tied to a tree in the middle…

Daniella Cressman

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